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mii45 is specifically designed by T-Pole for applications in industrial automation and control. It is especially suitable for the use in the most challenging environments. The innovative Dust free design-concept that characterize it, makes mii45 a robust and compact Industrial PC


mii45 by T-Pole: the mini PC with a great potential!

mii45 is a mini Industrial PC especially designed and manufactured by T-Pole for the use in industrial automation and control3 available Intel ethernet ports make the PC suitable for use with fieldbus like Ethercat and for visual inspections with IP cameras. mini PC for applications in industrial automation

  • high computational performances based on Intel Core 2 Duo mobile architecture
  • innovative and compact design concept
  • effective cooling system based on Air Tunnel Cooling Concept
  • protection of the electronic components from dirty and dust (Dust Free)


A mini PC ideal for appliations in industrial automation! 

mii45 is the ideal partner for applications in industrial automation, telecom, transportation, medical, automotive, military, marine, airspace and for all those applications requiring maximum reliability even in the most challenging environments. This is why mii45 is a mini industrial PC with a great potential and an outstanding price performance.