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mii45 is available in 4 versions with 1, 2 or 3 PCI and PCIe expantion slots in order to satisfy even the  most specific control needs. The extended use to applications with other fieldbus or add-on boards transforms mii45 in an expandable and versatile Industrial PC


mii45 Family: 4 models of Industrial PC with a common ground!

mii45 box pc  is available in 4 different versions: mii45-base, mii45-1PCI or mii45-1PCIe, mii45-2PCI, mii45-3PCI. With 1, 2 or 3 PCI and PCIe expansion slots, mii45 extends the use to applications with other fieldbus (CAN, ProfiBUS, Ethercat, etc.) or with other add-on boards.mii45 can be supplied with Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (XPe), Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7), Windows Embedded Standard 8 (WES8), Linux and other operating systems.


mii45-1PCI / mii45-1PCIe




mini PC with accessible case

Easy installation of the Industrial PC

mii45 and the intelligent power supply

mini industrial PC with accessible case Easy installation of the industrial PC and well visible led and buttons Power supply with UPS and battery

Two fingers are enough to open the cover of the mini PC and having instant access to RAM, battery, fan, HDD and UPS battery. The 2.5” HDD is  mounted on an antivibration bay specially designed to semplify the HDD removal. It is really easy to remove the hard disk without the aid of any tool.

mii45 assembly is simple and immediate thanks to the brackets for vertical, horizontal and DIN-rail installation. The connectors are available on both front and rear bracket. The power-on and reset button as well as the led are positioned on the front side of the Industrial PC well visible to the user.

On the rear bracket of the Industrial PC are available a 12 V dc output (supplied by the UPS battery), 2 optoisolated digital input and output, the ignition signal, the remote power signal and the external battery connector. The voltage input can range from 9 V to 28 V dc (Wide Range Input).

Ordering Information


Part Number 


mii45-base TP30010020 Barebone
mii45-1PCI TP30010021 Barebone with 1xPCI slot
mii45-1PCIe4x TP30010029 Barebone with 1xPCIe 4X slot
mii45-2PCI TP30010023 Barebone with 2xPCI slot
mii45-1PCIe4X-1PCI TP30010027 Barebone with 1xPCIe 4X slot and 1 slot PCI
mii45-3PCI TP30010025 Barebone with 3xPCI slot


Part Number 


mii45-DC/DC-Base SP02010001 12 V dc Input, 2 x input and 2 x output optoisolated, ingnition signal control
mii45-DC/DC-WRI SP02010002 9-28 V dc Input, 2 x input and 2 x output optoisolated, ingnition signal control
mii45-DC/DC-UPS SP02010003 11-24 V dc Input, 2 x input and 2 x output optoisolated, ingnition signal control, UPS function
mii45-DVI 7008990011 DVI-D output to 1920x1080. Not available with mii45-CF
mii45-CF 7008990012 Compact Flash socket. Not available with mii45-DVI, Internal Battery
mii45-COM2 7008990009 COM2-RS232
mii45-COM3 7008990013 COM3-RS232
mii45-COM2 RS422/485 7008990010 COM2-RS422/485
IEEE1394 7008990014 IEE1394
DC/DC Converter 7008000091 DC/DC Converter picoPSU-160-XT
2 x 2,5" HDD 7008990017 2 x 2,5" HDD hot swappable rear side
2 x 2,5" HDD 7008990018 2 x 2,5" HDD hot swappable leds side


Part Number 


miiXX-Battery 7008990016 Internal Battery. Not available with mii45-CF
miiXX-ver SP01010066 Vertical bracket for mii45
miiXX-hor SP01010062 Horizontal bracket for mii45-base
miiXX-hor-1slot SP01010063 Horizontal bracket for mii45-1PCI and mii45-1PCIe
mii45-hor-2slot SP01010064 Horizontal bracket for mii45-2PCI
miiXX-hor-3slot SP01010065 Horizontal bracket for mii45-3PCI
miiXX-AC/DC 7006990001 External AC/DC adapter 12V