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mii77 is available in 3 dimesions: base, with 1 expantion slot (PCIex4 o 16),  server version with 2 hdd Hotswappable. It can be supplied with Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (XPe), Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7), Windows Embedded Standard 8 (WES8), Linux and other operating systems.


mii77 Family: 3 dimensions of Industrial PC with a common ground!

mii77 is available in 3 dimensions with different configurations: mii77, mii77-1PCIe4X , mii77-1PCIe16X, mii77-4xethernet, mii77-1PCIe4X-2HDD.With 1 PCIe expansion slot, mii77 extends the use to applications with other fieldbus (CAN, ProfiBUS, Ethercat, etc.) or with other add-on boards. mii77 can be supplied with Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (XPe), Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7), Windows Embedded Standard 8 (WES8), Linux and other operating systems.






Extruded aluminum finned heatsink

Intelligent power supply system

Pc industriale con alimentatore intelligente con UPS e batteria

The board of the Industrial mini PC mii77 is equipped with 2 mini PCIe slots, one to hold the SSD and the other to add peripherals, among which we highlight the HSDPA modem.There is also a slot for the SIM CARD. A small cage allows an easy access to the Mini PCIe slot dedicated to the peripherals and to the sim holder.

The presence of an extruded aluminum finned heat sink, coupled with high dissipating capacity, allows the PC to work with a CPU load of 100% in the operating range 0 ° C-50 ° C. Everything without making it necessary to disable the Turbo Bust Technology and without the intervention of the Speed Step. The computing power of the Intel icore is therefore completely available.

On the rear bracket of the Industrial PC are available a 12 V dc output (supplied by the UPS battery), 2 optoisolated digital input and output, the ignition signal, the remote power signal and the external battery connector. The voltage input can range from 9 V to 28 V dc (Wide Range Input).

 Ordering Information


Part Number 


mii77 TP30010037 mii77  
mii77-1PCIe4X TP30010038 mii77-1PCIe4X  
mii77-1PCIe16X TP30010044 mii77-1PCIe16X  
mii77-1Slot – no riser card TP30010043 mii77-1 Slot – no riser card  
mii77-1PCIe4X-2HDD_LED_Side TP30010039 mii77-1PCIe4X-2HDD_LED_Side  
mii77-1PCIe4X-2HDD_Rear_Side TP30010040 mii77-1PCIe4X-2HDD_Rear_Side  
mii77-2HDD_LED_Side TP30010042 mii77-2HDD_LED_Side  
mii77-2HDD_Rear_Side TP30010041 mii77-2HDD_Rear_Side  
mii77-4xEthernet TP30010045 mii77-4xEthernet  


Part Number 


DC/DC-Base SP02010001 miiXX-DC/DC-12V  
DC/DC-WRI SP02010002 miiXX-DC/DC-WRI  
DC/DC-UPS SP02010003 miiXX-DC/DC-UPS  
CF Socket 7008990012 miiXX-CF  
mii77-GPIO 7008990023 mii77-GPIO  
COM2 RS232/422/485 7008990024 mii77-COM2-RS232/422/485  
COM3 RS232 7008990025 mii77-COM3-RS232  
COM4 RS232 7008990026 mii77-COM4-RS232  


Part Number 


Internal Battery
7008990016 miiXX-Battery-02  
Horizontal Support SP01010066 miiXX-ver (prod)  
Horizontal  Base SP01010062 Supporto Orizzontale miiXX (prod)  
Horizontal 1slot SP01010063 Supporto Orizzontale 1slot miiXX (prod)  
Horizontal 3slot SP01010065 Supporto Orizzontale 3slot miiXX (prod)  
AC/DC Adapter 7006990001 miiXX-AC/DC